US apple exports to India drop 79%; USApple urges removal of steel and aluminum tariffs



Falls Church, Virginia – After agricultural trade negotiations began last week at the US-India Trade Policy Forum in New Delhi, the US Apple Association today said more needs to be done to ensure apple growers Americans can once again be competitive in the Indian market. Marlet.

Since the United States imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from India in 2018, resulting in retaliatory action by India on American apples and other exports, total tariffs on US apples have reached 70% and purchases of US apples by India have fallen by 79%.

“We appreciate the efforts of US Trade Representative Katherine Tai to initiate sensitive agricultural trade negotiations with India. She has our full support, ”said Jim Bair, President and CEO of USApple. “But for US apple growers to fully return to this market, the US government must remove tariffs on Indian steel and aluminum so that India removes its tariffs on apples.”

In most years, American apple growers export a third of their harvest, valued at around $ 1 billion. Before India’s retaliatory tariffs took hold, it was the second largest market for US apple growers and was growing rapidly.

“The American producers were just innocent bystanders in a fight that didn’t involve them,” Bair said. “Until the United States imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum on India, we competed and won in this market.”



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