Taliban apply conditions to address EU concerns over human rights violations


Sep 21, 2021 6:07 AM STI

Kabul [Afghanistan], September 21 (ANI): Reacting to European Union concerns over human rights violations in Afghanistan, the Taliban said on Monday they would address EU concerns following recognition of the new government of the Islamic Emirate .
Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy minister of the Ministry of Information and Culture in the interim cabinet said that if the international community recognized the new government, it would address concerns about allegations of human rights violations, Tolo News reported.
“As long as we don’t get recognized and they come up with criticism (on rights violations), we think it’s a one-sided approach. It would be good for them to treat us responsibly and recognize our current government. as a responsible administration. Then they can legally share their concerns with us and we will address their concerns, “Mujahid said.
Mujahid’s remarks come after Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Afghanistan Andreas Von Brandt on Sunday said the EU is deeply concerned about human rights violations in Afghanistan, in particular violation of women’s and girls’ right to education and work, Tolo News reported.
“The substance of my criticism remains: human rights are threatened in Afghanistan, in particular the right to education and the right to work,” Brandt tweeted.

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) issued a statement on Sunday saying it had not been able to perform its duties since the fall of the former government on August 15, adding that Taliban forces had occupied his offices and used his equipment.
The AIHRC also called on the Taliban to respect the independence of the AIHRC and called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to establish an independent body to monitor human rights violations in Afghanistan, said reported Tolo News.
“The AIHRC calls on the Taliban to respect the independence of the AIHRC and its staff and all Afghan human rights defenders, who have worked tirelessly to protect the fighting of the Afghan people,” the statement read. .
Reacting to this, Mujahid said the AIHRC is not an international body and added that they have opened investigations into the allegations regarding the occupancy of the AIHRC buildings, Tolo News reported.
“The AIHRC is part of the old administration of Kabul, and it was an official body at the time and it is not an international human rights body. However, we’ll see who used their office and how. Investigations are ongoing, ”Mujahid said.
Previously, Human Rights Watch and other international organizations had raised concerns about reported human rights violations by Taliban forces, but the Taliban has consistently denied these allegations. (ANI)


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