Social Internet rate for only 5 euros per month and 30 GB of traffic



Portugal is one of the countries of the European Union which offers the best Internet access infrastructure. However, according to some organizations, the prices are high. As is already the case in the energy sector, where there is a social tariff, this will also happen in the telecommunications sector.

As we revealed, the social Internet tariff in Portugal will cost 6.15 euros (5 euros + VAT) and the minimum monthly amount of traffic that will be included in the offer will increase from 12 GB to 30 GB. But there is more…

Social rate with a download rate of at least 30 Mbps

ANACOM, in order to contribute to the implementation of the social tariff for the provision of broadband Internet access services in Portugal, and to comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 66/2021, of July 30, fixing this tariff , approved on September 27, 2021 a set of interesting decisions.

for what is mentioned in a press release, an Anacom carried out a reweighting of the planned actions in the possible direction of the resolution 08.12.2021, Increase the minimum download speed from 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps and download from 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps. In addition, the minimum monthly traffic that will be included in the 12 GB to 30 GB offer is more generous.

The social internet tariff will be provided by all companies that provide this type of service to consumers with low income or with special social needs and aims to remove one of the barriers to high speed internet access, namely high prices. paid for access, and promote its use.

The potential number of beneficiaries of the social tariff for broadband Internet access is 800,000 people and will be distributed throughout the country, and the number of effective beneficiaries may be lower than the number indicated.

Regarding the monthly fee, it was agreed that it will cost € 5 (€ 6.15 including tax at the rate of 23%). A maximum price of € 21.45 (€ 26.38 including tax at the rate of 23%) is also set for the activation of the service and / or access equipment, namely the routers.



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