Pakistan has dismal human rights record under Imran Khan government


01 Jan 2022 21:15 STI

Islamabad [Pakistan], Jan 1 (ANI): Human rights in Pakistan under Imran Khan are going from bad to worse, as noted by human rights agencies.
The case of Idris Khattak illustrates the state of human rights and the grip of the Pakistani military on any criticism of the government and the deep state, according to the International Forum for Rights and Security.
Meanwhile, international human rights organizations have correctly raised the Khattak affair with Imran Khan’s government.

Previously, it had taken Pakistan a year to admit the whereabouts of human rights activist Idris Khattak. This only happened after the family filed a petition with the Peshawar High Court.
For those interested in the statistics, Khattak has been missing for two years, four months and a day.
It is tragic that Khattak has been missing since 2019 and in December 2021 a military court should have sentenced him to 14 years in prison under Pakistan’s official secrets law. Clearly, the Pakistani military and government have died against those who fight for their human rights, according to the International Forum for Rights and Security.
In addition, Human Rights Watch mentions that Khattak’s conviction in these circumstances is the culmination of a series of blatant abuses that began with his kidnapping, his enforced seven-month disappearance, and his secret trial that violated the standards of due process and fair trial.
Meanwhile, the US State Department’s 2020 National Report on Human Rights Practices sums up the prevailing crisis in Pakistan regarding human rights violations in the following terms: impunity among perpetrators, whether official or not. Authorities rarely punished government officials for human rights violations. (ANI)


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