Nigeria: IBEDC clients complain about Kwara as company increases tariffs


Customers of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) in Kwara State and other states covered by the company have decried the sudden increase in their bills for October of this year.

Customers reported that the bill distributed last month was N 58.39,000 and this month it rose to N 60.39,000.

Reports from other states like Osun, Oyo, part of Ogun, Ekiti, among others, revealed that the IBEDC leadership has increased its tariffs from 58.39k N to 50.39k N.

The observed increase has also affected prepaid meter users in IIorin and other parts of the state.

Speaking to our correspondent in Ilorin when they stormed the newspaper office offices at Murtala Lane, Ilorin, the group’s spokesperson, Aisat Bello chided the sudden increase in their bills for that month. October without notice.

She said it is concerning that the company has simply increased the bills out of proportion to the services provided to it.

She explained that the company has failed to improve its services and yet the company has decided to increase customer bills.

Bello added that “the company has also failed to realize the biting economic situation in Nigeria and this is not necessary at this time.”

She noted that the current situations in the country called for sober reflection from all stakeholders and that the company did not see fit to take the situation into account.

While calling on the federal government to help the people of the country on the attitude of the electricity distribution companies in the country, Ms. Bello argued that the decision of the IBEDC to increase their tariff without dragging their customers should make l ‘subject to an investigation without further delay.

She therefore called on the management of the IBEDC to stop this kind of decision in order to avoid new attacks against their facilities.

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