Ministers consider sweeping plan to remove electric car tariffs


Mr Ives said there was now an opportunity for the government to end the wave of green tariff liberalization that started last year with a move to zero tariffs on a range of products, including panels. solar, wind turbines and some materials used in more environmentally friendly products. .

He said promoting environmental goals would not undermine the UK’s ambitions to strike new deals and establish its place in the world as an independent trading nation.

Mr Ives said: “It is always important to keep trying to move both agendas forward at the same time and to recognize the ways in which they can be mutually reinforcing.”

Sam Hall, director of the Conservative Environment Network which partially funded the report, said: “Facilitating trade in clean goods and services will make the world greener, freer and more prosperous. “

A spokesperson for the Department for International Trade said: “The UK is committed to maximizing the benefits of a global transition to clean economic growth as we rebuild a better and greener trading environment.

“We have used our first independent global tariff in almost 50 years to create a more sustainable global trade agenda, keeping all products already set at zero percent under the EU tariff and liberalizing 104 more products. environmental issues as part of our Green 100 initiative. “


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