‘LeBron James chose his $850 million net worth over China’s human rights stance’: A look at the Lakers star’s hypocrisy as 3rd anniversary of Morey’s statement nears


LeBron James is known for talking about anything political – except for one topic that Enes Kanter has a lot to say about.

In 2018, when LeBron and Kevin Durant were on TV discussing politics, things got heated when Cori Champion asked him to “shut up and dribble” and leave politics to the people who hadn’t quit the game. high school a year earlier. Bron took it personally and was livid. That anger could have been put to good use in 2019 when Daryl Morey spoke out in favor of the situation in Hong Kong.

The NBA had held a series of preseason games in China, and when this statement was made public, it rocked everyone from the bottom up. The whole pre-season was stifled and rushed, and games were even threatened with being taken off the air. It was so tight that a plastic cake knife could easily slice through.

James had asked Adam Silver to protect players traveling to China and asked them not to hold a press conference lest they be caught with their pants down. And caught with his pants down, LeBron himself, when he returned to the United States and was asked for a statement.

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“So many people could have been hurt, not just financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually. Daryl [Morey] was misinformed of the situation. –LeBron James, 2019

LeBron James gets angry when asked to shut up and dribble – if he spoke about some atrocities that greatly affect the world, that opinion might change

Nike, NBA and LeBron James chose money over morals because the facts were there for all to see. Even a man with cataracts can see how pathetic the situation is for the Uyghur Muslim population of the communist republic, but has chosen to remain a mum. They threw one of their own under the bus, for pocket money.

If so, stay out of all cases. Every human being has the right to express their opinions, as long as they remain consistent throughout. The King’s hypocrisy can be seen around the world – it doesn’t seem fair. Its products are mostly made in those areas where the Muslim population is concentrated, which doubles the fingers pointing at James.

Enes Kanter then ripped the four-time champion, and he even wore sneakers depicting James bowing to be crowned by Chinese dictator Xi Jinping during a Celtics-Lakers game. James was quick to get rid of it, saying Kanter wanted to make a name for himself.

Politics and sports don’t go together – but that doesn’t mean you’re pushing them completely apart

“I preach about my people and I preach about equality. Social injustice, racism, systematic voter suppression are things that happen in our community. There’s no way I’m sticking to sports because I know with this platform how powerful my voice is.” – LeBron James, 2021

LeBron James is quite vocal in terms of politics – he’s not one to shy away from voicing his opinions. He spoke very publicly about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and also pushed back against LA god Zlatan Ibrahimović, asking him to stay out of politics. He feels like a person of his stature should and rightfully be able to voice his opinions – if they made any changes.

While for the most part, Bron has been among the woke new-age Twitterati whose opinions seem to come from someone after taking a social studies class. But some of his stances make sense – like the fact that he is completely against all gun violence and has always talked about it.

But being the face of the NBA, he can’t be on the fence and pick his battles. Saying he would love to speak and preach to his people about the evils of the world is one thing, but choosing to ignore one of the greatest atrocities happening right under their noses is quite another.

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