K-Electric asks Rs.5.5 per unit increase in electricity tariffs – Pakistan



K-Electric, the only electricity company in Karachi, on Thursday submitted a request to the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (Nepra) to request a 5.50 rupee increase in the tariff for adjustment charges fuel.

According to demand, the electric utility has requested an increase of 5.18 rupees for July to September 2021 and 0.32 rupees for November.

The national electricity regulator will take up KE’s plea for a hearing on January 3, 2022.

Under the tariff mechanism, changes in the cost of fuel are passed on to consumers only on a monthly basis through an automatic mechanism, while quarterly tariff adjustments due to the change in the purchase price of electricity, capacity charges, variable operating and maintenance costs, use of and including the impact of transmission and distribution losses are incorporated into the base tariff by the federal government.

In November, the Nepra authorized the federal government to notify an increase of Rs 1.68 per unit in the basic electricity tariff for all residential consumers and of Rs 1.39 per unit for all other categories of consumers to as of November 1, in order to meet another requirement. of the International Monetary Fund program.

The higher tariff would apply nationwide for all utilities, including KE, but all residential consumers with a monthly consumption of 200 units would remain protected from rising prices through subsidies, Dawn had reported at the time.



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