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The 2022 election is not a referendum on Joe Biden. This is not a referendum on inflation. This is not a referendum on the environment, child care, medicare, insulin prices or a myriad of other important vested interests.

The 2022 election is a human rights referendum. On the rights of the Maroons, the rights of the Blacks, the rights of the Yellows, the rights of the Reds and the rights that the Whites take for granted. It’s a referendum on LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, disability rights, seniors’ rights. The inalienable rights of Americans of all races, creeds and genders.

More importantly, it is a referendum on voters’ rights.

Voting is the citizen’s only recourse. Their weapon against tyranny. With it, because of it, the voters are the armed militia in defense of democracy. In the war against authoritarianism. Not voting is a dereliction of duty. A desertion of responsibility for the rights granted by the Constitution. An abdication of citizenship.

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To abstain from voting is to cede victory. Abstention is not a declaration, it is a withdrawal. Indifference is cowardice. Not making voting a priority is a form of betrayal. Voting is the responsibility of a free people and the ultimate privilege of a citizen.

Sign up for the right to vote, freedom to vote, privilege and responsibility to vote.

Vote. Vote for the candidate who you believe will best promote and protect your most vital human rights. Your right to live life freely in all its abundant glory. Your freedom to make life choices for yourself and your well-being, and freedom in your pursuit of happiness.

The 2022 election is a referendum on you, on your freedoms, on your future.


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