I need money borrowed

There are many difficulties that must be overcome and it is likely that on some occasion we will be forced to request money.

This action can be carried out formally through a banking entity, a company dedicated to the granting of fast loans or by requesting money from nearby people. Now, why is it not recommended?

Throughout our life

Throughout our life

Between brothers, asking for money can establish family relationships of superiority and inferiority, so if you don’t want to have a dispute, don’t do it.

There are many cases in which by envy or pride marked by the loan of money, it causes family relationships to end up breaking.

Borrowing money from close friends

Borrowing money from close friends

On the other hand, borrowing money from close friends is also not a great idea because trust or friendship can be truncated if return deadlines are not respected. In the most serious cases and as long as they are better economically you can request some food or for example they invite you to a meal instead of asking for cash.

Grandparents who receive a pension are also not usually good lenders because they can decay the family relationship in general. In addition, they are charging that pension based on all the years they have been contributing and therefore working and also have the right to enjoy it.

Finally, you should not think of your boss even though you have a good relationship with him since you should not mix labor problems with economic ones.

So who can be asked for money in these types of cases? 


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