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Human Rights Watch (HRW) claims to fight for the rights of Rwandans. But Rwandans are pressuring their government to stop genocide deniers, operating mainly on YouTube, and Human Rights Watch is siding with the latter and against what Rwandans want. Corn as pointed out by American diplomat Richard Johnson (PDF), when it comes to Rwanda, HRW has always sided with criminals.

On October 19, Human Rights Watch published an article titled “Rwanda: Crackdown on Opposition, Media Intensifies.” This is an article that doesn’t even feign dishonesty so much that after reading it, you can see why some governments would decide to just bribe the organization instead of having to read over and over again all kinds of distortions from an organization. entity that claims to defend something as important as human rights.

The article qualifies Ingabire as “party leader” and Dalfa Umurinzi as “political party”. Of course, the claim that Ingabire, a convicted felon, created a political party fails to mention two important facts. First, a convicted felon cannot by law register a political party or offer himself to its leadership. Second, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone following closely, Ingabire created the so-called Dalfa in November 2019 following the October 2019 terrorist attack in Musanze district in October 2019 by the terrorist group. RUD-Urunana which left 14 dead. and others injured. RUD-Urunana and Victoire Ingabire’s own terrorist formation, FDU-Inkingi, were pinned down by the UN Congo report of December 2018 as members of the DRC-based P5 coalition. As the suspects of the attack – who had been captured following an RDF pursuit – were to appear in court, Ingabire feared the worst and began to look for ways to disassociate themselves from the P5 terrorist coalition. The trial of 38 captured terrorists is underway.

In any case, neither one nor the other (RUD-Uranana, FDU-Inkingi, Dalfa-Umurinzi and all the other groups with which Ingabire whitewashed) has ever been a “political party” in Rwanda, as Human Rights Watch Corrupt states in its article.

As US diplomat Richard Johnson helped reveal in The Travesty of Human Rights Watch on Rwanda, “this patently arbitrary and politically motivated rhetoric” by Human Rights Watch “is intended to further discourage” the Rwandan government from enforcing its laws on human rights. denial of genocide. It is the alliance between HRW and Ingabire.

Rule of law in Rwanda

In the article, Human Rights Watch goes to great lengths to prove the rule of law index of the World Justice Report 2021 which ranks Rwanda first in Africa and 42nd out of 139 countries in the world. world.

“Nsengimana was remanded in custody for fraud but released … for lack of evidence,” Human Rights Watch wrote, adding that two other suspects, Niyonsenga and Komezusenge “were both acquitted … the prosecution appealed against him. acquittal ”.

Unless Human Rights Watch wants to be the body that delivers verdicts for the accused, its own coverage of the conduct of the courts seems to suggest that verdicts are rendered independently, even to the extent that they typically frustrate the authorities. prosecution by appealing cases they have lost. . In other words, the courts should be left alone to do their work without undue political interference from anyone, including Human Rights Watch.

As a result, HRW is expected to leave the assessment of whether these individuals, who were arrested for failing to adhere to genocide denial laws on their YouTube channels, “make important public interest reporting” to the courts for determine, particularly given her track record of impartiality as Human Rights Watch itself acknowledges when it writes about the consistency of “evidence-based” prosecution acquittals.

So we know, thanks to HRW, what will happen to the YouTube suspects if the prosecution fails to present the required evidence.


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