Girl attacked by stray dogs: human rights panel demands response from Bhopal municipal chief


The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission called for a response from the Bhopal municipal commissioner and health department officials in the week regarding the incident of an underage girl attacked by stray dogs in the country’s capital. ‘State.

The commission also asked relevant officials on Sunday to provide details of the compensation awarded to the victim’s father and his current health report, according to a statement released by the commission. The girl, aged about two or three, was injured after stray dogs attacked her on Saturday evening in the locality of Bag Sewania here. She was then rescued by a man and admitted to hospital, officials said earlier.

The incident was captured on CCTV and the footage went viral on social media platforms.

The Human Rights Commission has also requested a response from the authorities on the measures taken to contain the dog population in the city, under the 2001 rules on birth control of animals (dogs). She also asked about the number of stray dogs in the neighborhood. sterilized in the past year and the number of rabid canines removed from city streets. The panel also asked for details of dog bite incidents, action taken in such cases and monthly reports from follow-up committee meetings, in accordance with animal (dog) birth control rules.

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