Financial gifts to consider for your Valentine’s Day


When choosing gifts, it’s best to choose a gift that would give your valentine long-term benefits – such as a financial gift.

Valentine’s Day is to be celebrated with your loved one. Whether it’s traveling, eating out, giving expensive gifts, etc. When choosing gifts, young couples usually choose one that provides instant gratification to make the partner happy.

However, it’s best to choose a gift that would provide your valentine with long-term benefits, such as a financial gift.

“Giving an international trip, an expensive perfume or a dress may seem attractive but only gives short-term satisfaction. In these times of uncertainty, where there is a risk of high-risk situations, it is better to give financial gifts that can help secure its future,” said Vikas Singhania, CEO of TradeSmart.

Singhania suggests a few investment options couples can consider:

Blue chip stocks

Investing in shares of a company gives an investor fractional ownership in that company. If invested in the shares of a good company, the value of the shares not only increases with the growth of the company, but also gives the investor a steady return through periodic dividend payments.

Thus, a young couple may consider donating shares of a top-notch company, which would reap brilliant results over time.


One of the ways to reduce the risks associated with equity investments is through diversification. With its diversified portfolio, a mutual fund (MF) scheme offers out-of-the-box diversification to an investor and this is also dynamically managed by professional fund managers.

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By investing regularly through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in MF programs, even market risks can be reduced as investments are made in high and low markets, averaging the risks.

So, to secure their future, a couple can start a SIP in an equity-based MF scheme for long-term benefits.


Gold is known as a safe haven for investors, as the value of the precious metal rises during economic turmoil, causing the value of stocks and other similar instruments to decline.

Thus, gold provides a hedge against economic downturns and it is a good option for a couple to put money into ETFs (exchange traded funds) on gold.


By transferring insurable risks to an insurance company, an insured person obtains financial support in the event of an adverse incident resulting in financial loss or loss of future earnings.

So to give protection to your partner, it is a good choice to give insurance to your valentine.


Opening an account under the National Pension Scheme is also a good option that you can take this Valentine’s Day to accumulate a decent pension corpus and get a steady income after retirement. NPS investments not only give you tax advantages while you are still earning, but also a fixed monthly income when you hang up your boots.

“All of these options are good investment choices for achieving medium to long-term goals,” Singhania said.

“That way, Valentine’s Day can now experience meaningful change while also considering lasting and meaningful gifts for your loved ones,” he added.

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