Emilio Estefan, Human Rights Group produces anthem “Libertad” for Cuba – NBC 6 South Florida


The call for freedom for Cuba is at the center of a new song and video produced by Emilio Estefan in collaboration with a human rights group.

“Libertad” aired Tuesday on the YouTube channel of the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba.

Yailenys Perez, one of the singer on the record, arrived in the United States at the age of 4 on a raft.

“I am grateful to be here, to have my life and to be able to speak on behalf of Cuba,” she said.

The day before this premiere, Estefan took part in a listening session with senior advisers at the White House and some thirty other Cuban-American leaders.

“One thing I was so happy about is that we all want the same thing. Freedom, ”Estefan said.

But some Cuban Americans disagree with Washington’s approach or next move regarding the island nation.

“There are those who favor the pressure cooker and want to light the burner and let it all explode and see where it takes us. There are others who don’t think this is the best way to go, ”said Carlos Saladrigas, chair of the Cuba Study Group.

The Biden administration is reviewing its policies on Cuba – especially remittances. But the move sparked controversy and division among American Cubans in South Florida. NBC’s Cristian Benavides reports 6

Saladrigas was also on the call and said it was important to recognize and address the humanitarian crisis in Cuba which was a problem long before the protests.

“We can still support the Cuban people in their quest for freedom and rights, but we can also help alleviate the crisis as much as possible. And yes, maybe that is just a band-aid in the context of the things, ”Saladrigas said.

“I don’t think it’s time for the bandages, it’s time to move on and bring freedom,” Estefan said. “The minute we start giving a lot of things to the Cuban government, the first thing they’re going to do like they’ve done in the past, they’re going to release a lot of people to come to Miami, or they’re ‘going to bring a little food for people. They can no longer buy or lie to people. “


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