Electricity tariff increase, PSTN tariffs can worsen people’s financial situation



Hyderabad: The Telangana government’s plan to increase electricity tariffs and RTC tariffs will increase the financial burden on people and their condition could deteriorate from bad to worse.

The people of the state have not fully recovered from the financial impact of the coronavirus lockdown and are doing their best to meet both ends with great difficulty. In such a situation, if the government increases electricity tariffs and RTC tariffs, it will face strong opposition from the population.

After the strike by Road Transport Corporation employees ended in March 2020, the state government decided to increase bus fares. But due to the situation following the coronavirus lockdown, the plan has been kept on hold.

Likewise, the Electricity Department presented a proposal to the Chief Minister that in the past six years the electricity tariff has not been increased due to which the Electricity Department is faced losses and therefore the government was advised to increase the electricity tariff.

There is a strong reaction among the population following the government’s plan to increase PSTN tariffs and electricity tariffs, under the pretext that the state’s economic situation has improved.

Contrary to what the government claims, people think that there could be an improvement in the government’s financial situation, but there is no improvement in the financial situation of the people and they are still struggling to overcome financial difficulties resulting from the coronavirus lockdown.

In such condition, people believe that the state government should avoid further increasing the financial burden on the people.

After the March 2020 lockdown, people across the state are demanding to waive utility bills and demand lower property taxes, but so far the state government has not conceded their demands. .

Under these circumstances, if the government goes ahead with increasing the RTC tariffs and the electricity tariff, it will amount to an injustice to the people.

Before taking any action, the government, people think, must take into account their financial difficulties and try to take into account the reality on the ground.



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