Dirty Name Loan Denied

For what reasons can I have a loan withheld? Being dirty with my name is my loan denied? If I have a defaulted name on Credit Protector can I borrow a loan or is it denied? Having a loan that is denied because it is dirty is very common, mainly because people in general do not consult their credit history in the protection agencies or do not have alerts that inform new registrations in the CPF.

Contracted loan

Contracted loan

Undoubtedly delinquency is one of the reasons that lead people to the “blacklist of debtors”, the service is better known with SPC (Credit Protection Service) and Serasa Experian, these types of entities inform financial institutions and commercial establishments on citizens who did not honor their payments and financial commitments within the contracted term.

Being labeled with the dirty name can of course make your loan application denied. In cases of financing to buy property and vehicle for example, in addition to personal bank loan. But … and yours I have had problems with my name and now being clean, can I have a loan denied by the creditor institution?

In fact what we have to understand is that credit and money institutions are not required by any law to provide credit to people, for this, the institution has mechanisms for analysis of granting credit.

Name guaranteed

Name guaranteed

However, having the clean name does not guarantee 100% that the loan is approved, however, having the dirty name in the past will not prevent a personal credit, credit card, financing or personal loan being denied.

I want to borrow a loan, what? When applying for a loan at the bank or any other place, and your name is no longer listed in the credit protector debtor register, there is nothing that impresses you to obtain the requested amount, as long as it is as we said within the limits credit analysis of your prospective creditor.

Your name is clear? Are you working steadily? Own and move bank account for some time? Do you have check stubs? Have address and contact, so rest assured, just do not ask for a loan away from your reach, if you do it will certainly be denied.

I am retired, pensioner, military, civil servant, I am dirty in the square and due to some creditors, can I make a loan without being denied? Of course you can, borrow your payday loan at the banks that offer this mode to have quick and easy money in your pocket.

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