Decision in June, says KSEB


Kochi: Chairman of the Kerala Electricity Regulatory Commission, Preman Dinaraj, has said that a decision on an electricity tariff hike will be taken by the end of June.

The chairman of the commission was speaking after attending a hearing on KSEB’s proposal for an increase in electricity tariffs.

The hearing was held as part of the review of KSEB’s audited accounts for the years 2019-20 and 2020-21.

The decision on the increase in electricity tariffs will be taken after taking into account the audit reports.

It is difficult to say at this stage whether there would be a price increase.

A decision will be made taking into account the interests of the people, the president added.

Not all KSEB expenditure is imposed on the people. KSEB is asking for an increase of 95 paise for 2022-23.

The decision would only be made after studying the accounts and data filed by the organizations and the public.

The KSEB also claimed that it had a loss of Rs 741 crore.

However, the HT and EHT Consumers Association demanded a reduction in tariffs, citing that KSEB was currently making a profit of Rs 550 crore.

There was also criticism regarding KSEB’s demand for Rs 300 crore for the payment of wages.

The request not to approve electricity purchased by the council for Rs 150 crore without the commission’s approval was granted at the hearing.

Commission Member AJ Wilson also came to collect evidence.

The board expects a profit of Rs 1,400 cr

Kochi: The KSEB has informed that based on the revenue assessment of 2021-22, it expects a profit of over Rs 1,400 cr.

However, the audit carried out on the assessment of previous years suggested that in 2019-20, the KSEB suffered a loss of Rs 269 cr and in 2020-21, this stood at Rs 1,822 cr.
Once the evaluation and evaluation are completed, they would be subject to an audit.


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