5 tips to get you started from payday to payday

Nowadays it is not easy to get along with low income, so we will give you a few good tips. http://sift-life.com has more details

Of course, low incomes are problematic, but you don’t have to live literally from pay to pay and constantly owe someone around you.

Learn how to save with a few simple principles that you practically don’t feel at home. All it takes is consistency and careful counting of the money spent. Do not shop wisely and vice versa – save yourself – literally every crown you can!


Even smaller savings increase over time

Even smaller savings increase over time

Number one is clear. Eating in a restaurant is too expensive, but cooking at home is a rather economical solution. When you cook for a few days in advance, you can easily save even a few hundred extra, which will certainly translate into savings.

The most you can save on food , but of course also on energy. If the work is not too far, take a walk – even the twenty crowns saved for a basically unnecessary public transport ticket is a fit for the family budget. If the regular income is too low, try the weekend job, at least five hundred crowns can be earned in the afternoon without any problems.

The payday loan should be rather a last resort, but of course it is not good to exclude it in advance. Sometimes it can help a lot!


Each crown aside has its own meaning

Hundreds per month already give 1200 crowns a year, so it is true that literally every crown counts. With this style, you will have the supply you will use at a time when the family budget needs an urgent expenditure that was not foreseen in advance. Any extra supply is always useful, try to save at least a little every month…


Calculate expenses even in the future


You should often think about the future, virtually everything can happen – and we would not like the prophets of bad news. For example…


  • Greater spending on hospital treatment.
  • Replacement for old electrical appliances.
  • Underpayment for energy or mobile flat rate.


Do not be afraid to think in advance, the old appliance is already over the normal lifetime and its end can come literally every day. It is therefore necessary to have a financial reserve, thanks to which you immediately buy a refund. We also have only one health and, for example, a cracked tooth and its quick replacement or other inconvenience costs simply money. Other times, the car may break down, so you need to be adequately prepared for the sudden expense.


Beware of ill-considered purchases, you are losing money

Beware of ill-considered purchases, you are losing money

Don’t buy things you don’t need and don’t act impulsively in this direction. If you have extra money, there is no need for uselessness, rather put the money aside. The loan will wait for anything , pay the most necessary expenses first, and then slowly save to spend money – it’s actually simple. After all, unnecessary expenses are not needed; Many people do not know how to make money, perhaps because they often buy useless things and do not even use them. Do not repeat their mistake and follow common sense!


A detailed overview of the family cash register does not hurt

A detailed overview of the family cash register does not hurt

You need to be as clear as possible, you know your financial income, so you should know the expenditure item well. Write everything down in a small notebook and you will see that you will suddenly spend less, that’s exactly what it is!

Regularly deduct the rent as a rent, write down your expenses for a week in advance and try out when you buy food with a fixed amount. If it does not work a little, and next time it will certainly work out! Make a plan for the whole month in advance and gradually correct it gradually.

Certainly it will not be in order of things, even because order in money equals in the home, right?